A tour of the city of risks: readings of the graffitix in São Paulo

2018, Alexandre Barbosa Pereira

Formato: 16×23cm | 191p. | 2018

The book presents the result of an ethnographic research on graffitix in São Paulo, even so, with an X, according to the use made by its protagonists to differentiate it from other graffiti. A tour of the city of risks brings a long-term look at this practice, reflecting on the networks that these young people draw in the city when they take a risk to leave a name in the urban landscape. It thus describes the different forms of use of urban space developed from this activity. Graffiti in São Paulo is described in this work as a youth cultural practice that has as one of its objectives the search for social recognition. The author, Alexandre Barbosa Pereira, granted a video interview for the Pesquisa FAPESP magazine that can be seen here. The magazine also published an article, written by journalist Christina Queiroz, on the subject.

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