Lua Nova – Dossiê Margens

Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política, no.79, 2010

This special issue of Lua Nova – Revista de Cultura e Política guides contemporary politics in a specific way. Far beyond the political management made by governments, elections or public policies, the authors sought the political conflict where there is usually only incivility and deprivation. The territories investigated by the articles gathered here include favelas, sertões, streets and prisons; among the protagonists of the narratives there are illegal immigrants, homeless people, graffiti artists, drug dealers and thieves. Very close to them, however, there are invariably “legitimate” actors in the social world: social workers, representatives of justice, state inspectors and, above all, the forces of order. The reflection on politics that is extracted from the relationship between these characters is promising. The issue articulates consecrated authors of the Brazilian Social Sciences and the works of young researchers.

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