Brothers: a history of the CCP

2018, Gabriel Feltran

Formato: 14×21cm/ebook | 408p. | 2018

The PCC, an indispensable actor to understand the armed conflicts that are going through Brazil and Latin America these days, has become a matter for all of us. The press, which until the last few years then avoided mentioning the name of the faction, can no longer ignore its existence, its specificity. The debate over The Command took over the newspapers, and it needs to be qualified. For those concerned with public security and urban order, as well as with democracy and justice in Brazil, it is undoubtedly necessary to focus on the theme, to know the history and functioning of the First Command of the Capital. The book “Brothers: a history of the PCC” presents a unique view of the faction’s modes of operation and expansion. It argues, after two decades of empirical research, that the PCC does not function as a company or military command, but as a secret society, along the lines of a “crime masonry”. The consequences of this statement are truly relevant for thinking about urban conflict and public security policies.

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