Urban Borders Dossier (Contemporânea)

Contemporânea – Revista de Sociologia da UFSCar v. 3, n. 2 (2013)

"Take the city as a reference plan”, as Vera da Silva Telles tells us in this dossier. Not to produce specific knowledge about the poor, which could be conveniently sectorized in some area of government, some market segment. The city as a reference implies, on the other hand, the search for an analysis diagram that takes contemporary marginalities not as an object to manage, but as a perspective from which to look at contemporaneity. This is what the dossier does, composed of articles by Daniel Cefaï (EHESS), Taniele Rui (Unicamp), Paulo Malvasi (Cebrap), Ana Paula Galdeano (UNIFESP) and Vera Telles (USP).

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